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Selling your home shouldn't be a stressful ordeal. Making the smart move of choosing a REALTOR® is your first step to ensuring that your investment in your home pays off. My services and experience allow you to focus on your move while I manage your home sale from our initial consultation to the closing deal, and beyond. I pride myself on repeat business and hope you'll come to understand why.

What I will do for you
Recent Home Sales
Getting the highest price
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As Your Agent, I Will:

  • Complete a comparative market analysis that will compare your home's value to that of your neighbors.
  • Compile a comprehensive plan detailing all the efforts I will employ to sell your home, including Internet and local media.
  • Present your home to as many qualified buyers as possible getting your home maximum exposure.
  • Help you stage your home and generate curb appeal to ensure you get the highest price.
  • Assist with obtaining offers and help you in negotiating the best deal as smoothly as possible.
  • Help you find your next home and answer all of your questions about the local market area, including schools, neighborhoods, the local economy, and more.

Recent Home Sales

What are homes selling for on your street? Feel free to contact me to find out what neighborhood homes are selling for, free of charge, or to receive a more detailed analysis of the value of your home.

Getting the Highest Price for Your Home

Curb appeal is key and could make a difference whether people stop and take a flyer, or drive right by. Here are a few tips to increase the curb appeal of your home. Staging your home is important. Many buyers will stay in your home longer if it's staged appropriately. I have compiled some ideas to present your home in the most effective manner.

Closing Costs to Expect:

  • Title insurance fees depend on the sales price of the home.  The fees are regulated by the Division of Insurance.  Sellers pay for the standard title policy and half of the escrow closing fee (unless the buyer is securing VA financing - then the seller is responsible for the entire fee).  In Alaska, the buyer has the right to select which title company will close the transaction.
  • Broker's commission is a full-service fee and will cost anywhere between 6% to 7%.  Your listing broker will split the fee with the broker that is representing the buyer.  Understand that your listing real estate professional does not get paid the entire commission.  The fee is paid to the broker. 
  • Property Taxes are due to the Municipality of Anchorage bi-annually in June and August. You will be charged at closing for the taxes owed during the time of the calendar year that you own the property.  You may be entitled to an escrow refund of pre-collected taxes and insurance after closing.  Check with your mortgage lienholder about the balance in your escrow account. 
  • Closing costs splits between buyers and sellers are typically determined by the buyer's type of financing.  Ask me for a comparative closing costs list reflecting Conventional, FHA and VA loans. 
  • Home inspections are typically paid by the buyer.  However, market trends are encouraging sellers to consider having a pre-listing home inspection - particularly if the seller has owned the home for more than 10 years.  That way, sellers are made aware of code changes, health/safety deficiencies and repair/maintenance items that need to be addressed before a buyer can secure financing on the home.  By having a pre-listing inspection, sellers can get a jump start on repairs so when a buyer decides to purchase the home, it is in good condition and the chances of the deal falling apart after a home inspection are greatly reduced.  Sellers should be aware that buyers may request a specialized inspection at their own expense and you need to make your property available to the buyer.  Examples may include roof, heating system, pest, radon, mold and/or lead based paint.
  • Repair Costs are unknown until you/buyer have a home inspection report.  Set aside some extra money to correct items noted in the home inspection.
  • Appraisal is a seller cost in Alaska.  Be prepared to pay $600 to $700 to the buyer's lender upfront to order a market appraisal.
Find out how much your closing costs could be.

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